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Terms of Use

The content on this site is secured by copyright law. You may use public information on this site, but it should be cited as from BDD & ME.

N.B. "Public information" relates to any information on the website that is not on the forum section. The BDD & ME Forum is a closed forum that is only accessible by members who join. Any posts, comments, or answers that members share have been shared in the knowledge that said posts, comments, or answers will not be published elsewhere by others. If any members use the forum to collect data for research or journal publication without individual consent and without contacting BDD & ME, BDD & ME reserves the right to add restrictions to/remove their account and request the data or paper to be redacted. 

Forum Terms of Use

The BDD & ME Forum is designed to facilitate peer support for people living with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. It is also for people to learn about Body Dysmorphic Disorder. In order to make it a helpful resource and a healthy environment, please refrain from posting prohibited content. Please be respectful of people's views and experiences.

Prohibited content includes:

Any illegal content

Pornographic images

Sexually suggestive content involving minors

Bullying or harassment of others

Content that incites violence

Sharing confidential information

Advertising or attempting to sell goods or services


If any forum users submit any of the above, BDD & ME reserves the right to remove their content and add restrictions to/remove their account.

The BDD & ME forum is designed to bring those living with, or wanting to learn more about, Body Dysmorphic Disorder together.

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