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A collection of resources to help you find out more about BDD

What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder?


People living with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (Body Dysmorphia; BDD) experience extremely distressing concerns about one or more perceived defects in their appearance. These concerns can severely affect social functioning and in some cases can lead to suicide.


Many people with BDD are often too ashamed to discuss their concerns or seek help out of fear of being invalidated or considered vain. For most, symptoms develop during early adolescence, but they can also develop in adulthood. Current research suggests that people with BDD are likely to have experienced bullying, teasing, and abuse.

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An Article

Mind, the mental health charity

Explaining what Body Dysmorphic Disorder is: the symptoms and possible causes

Helpline Information

Recommended helplines

Helplines, as suggested by the BDD Foundation

Must Read Books

Book Recommendations from BDD Foundation

Self-help books may assist people with BDD who are not yet engaging in therapy

Tools relating to BDD

BDD Screening Questionnaire

Two questionnaires: 1. COPS - Do I have BDD? 2. Appearance Anxiety Inventory

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